A variant of TRG-21 that has been modified to accommodate more powerful magnum rounds. The TRG-41 sports an olive coloration to better mesh with military issue uniforms and an additional magazine for a larger supply of ammunition.
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The TRG-41 is an NX Standard of the TRG-21 that was first released in Combat Arms EU.

CA:NA first received it through a "pre-order" sale, but it has since been officially released. Following the current trend of NX-Standard items, the TRG-41 has been released with the permanent duration sale option for 2 weeks only.


The TRG-41 is similar to the NX variant of the TPG series, the TPG-1 Pro. They both have the L115 series scope, have a Muzzle Brake, and have a very loud firing sound, but differ in their skins. The dark green skin on the TRG-41 works well with the standard issue uniform and the Urban Camo on maps like Gray Hammer, Rattlesnake, and Roadkill. The TRG-41 has the exact same stats as the TPG-1 Pro, but chambers rounds much faster than its TPG counterpart at the cost of a slower reload speed. The large amount of damage drop off on the TPG-1 Pro is not found on the TRG-41, which allows for much more consistent long range kills. However, the range on the TRG-41 is, in fact, limited unlike the TPG-1 Pro.




  • The TRG-41 has the exact same stats as the TPG-1 Pro, however the TRG-41 chambers rounds quite a bit faster than the TPG-1 Pro. On the other hand, the TRG-41 reloads slightly slower than the TPG-1 Pro.
  • -_-Velcro-_- was the first player to purchase this weapon according to Nexon.
  • Like the L115A2, the image shown in the shop is not exactly like the weapon in-game. The TRG-41 in game is more of a darker green, while image in the shop is that of a lighter green.
  • The TRG originally had a 2 point fire rate advantage over the TPG, but it was nerfed so that their stats were equal.
  • TRG-41 shares the limited range of the TRG-21 and TRG SE after both were nerfed. This means it can no longer pick off heads of rock glitchers diagonally from the map Kill Creek. However, the damage drop-off is still better than the TPG-1 series (excluding the TPG-1 Master).


  • The drawing animation of the TRG-41.
  • The firing animation of the TRG-41.
  • The scoping animation of the TRG-41.
  • The reloading animation of the TRG-41.
  • The sprinting animation of the TRG-41.