An SMG chambered for a 9mm cartridge. It was developed for security and counter-terrorism forces, and boasts portability as well as stopping power derived from its improved ammunition.
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The Steyr Tactical Machine Pistol is a Clan-Exclusive Sub Machine Gun added during the 7/14/2010 supply drop.


The TMP is a versatile weapon. It has a very high damage, highest out of all SMG and a relatively good rate of fire. The TMP also has a low spread, accompanied by good accuracy. Above all, the TMP has a very high portability rating: 4 points higher than the M9.

The TMP also comes with an integrated S2 Suppressor (which doesn't reduce any damage since the suppressor is integrated) and an iTech Reflex Sight. With the bonus attachments factored into its price, the TMP in reality is a rather cheap weapon. With stealth, damage and accuracy all together, it makes the TMP a very well rounded, reliable SMG.

The TMP requires a player to be in a Clan of Level 3 or higher to purchase. It is a strong 4 shot kill, sometimes a 3 shot kill in close range, and almost always a 3 shot kill to the back in close-mid range. The TMP, unfortunately, has a high damage drop-off when attacking longer-range targets.

The TMP is often confused with the UMP due to the one letter difference. However, the TMP decisively has more damage than the UMP, but also slightly more recoil to balance it out. Both the TMP and UMP have the same fire rate. One can notice that the TMP is much lighter and sturdier for even-firing. The TMP also features an extremely fast reload, adding to its effectiveness.





Silver II


  • The TMP has a unique suppressor sound.
  • This gun boasts the second highest damage out of any SMG currently in the game, tied with the Scorpion's PP-19 MOD. The highest is claimed by the Orthus.
  • If one were to equip a Fast Loader Mag I, the TMP would have 23 rounds per magazine instead of the usual 24.


  • the drawing animation of the TMP.
  • The firing animation of the TMP.
  • The sighting animation of the TMP.
  • The reloading animation of the TMP.
  • The sprinting animation of the TMP.