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TEC Cleanroom Suit (Executive)
NX cost

1 Day - 400 NX

7 Days - 1,450 NX

30 Days - 3,000 NX

90 Days - 5,000 NX

The TEC Cleanroom Suit (Executive) is a NX-Standard Cosmetic item that can be obtained through the Blackmarket with the use of NX. It is released through the 24/11/14 Content Update.


This item is a cosmetic variant of the Cosmetic item EOD suit, and just like the EOD suit, it grants no statistical bonuses but allows a players character to be entirely concealed. When worn, looks big in appearance, therefore making the player seem larger then usual. This can be a disadvantage, as the player's hitbox appears more vulnerable and bigger when wearing this suit (therefore, making the player easier to hit).

This is very useful for kick evasion from an Elite Moderator, if one is using a Specialist.



NX Standard EOD Suit
Christmas EOD Suit
Rewards TEC Cleanroom Suit (Researcher)
Cousin TEC Cleanroom Suit (Executive)


  • The TEC Cleanroom Suit (Executive) was sold for permanent duration on Combat Arms Brazil between 01/08/15 and 01/14/15.[1]


  • Cleanroom suits are often worn by lab technicians in Biosafe labs.


  1. Official Combat Arms Brazil Webpage

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