Designed and manufactured in Sweden, this SMG has become a weapon of choice for underground factions and gangs due to its low price. Available at the rank of Command Sergeant Major V.
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The TEC-9 is a GP submachine gun released in the 9-18-13 Content Update in Combat Arms and in the 1-9-14 Content Update in Combat Arms Brazil.


The TEC-9's predominate features are its high portability and rate of fire. As such, this weapon suits rushers and run-and-gunners. The downsides of this weapon are its low damage, poor recoil, poor accuracy, and poor spread after firing full auto for a prolonged duration.

The most ideal way to take advantage of the TEC-9's traits is to either rush the enemy and get as close as possible, or flank them and shoot them in the back. Medium range combat should be avoided as the combination of bad spread, recoil, and accuracy makes this weapon ineffective at distances other than short range.





Bronze II


GP Standard


  • Contrary to its item description, the TEC-9 is not exactly a low price weapon; it's actually among the more pricier GP-Standard weapons.


  • The drawing animation of the TEC-9.
  • The firing animation of the TEC-9.
  • The reloading animation of the TEC-9.
  • The sprinting animation of the TEC-9.

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