The camouflaged version of the TAR-21, retooled for mercenaries who prefer reduced recoil.
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The TAR-21 CAMO is a variant of the TAR-21 Assault Rifle. It has a higher accuracy and lower recoil than its original weapon, along with an olive drab paint job.

The TAR series of Assault Rifles are different from the M4A1 and M416, featuring lower portability and higher recoil  to offset its greater accuracy and handy burst mode. Using the attached iTech Reflex Sight greatly reduces bullet spread, allowing for accurate firing and somewhat effective mid range combat. However, this gun is mainly intended for CQC battles.

The TAR can shoot very accurately for 4-5 shots before it starts moving from side to side, periodically staying on one side for a few shots. It is best for the player to attempt to fire in 5 shot bursts, or attempt to compensate for the amount of recoil by moving the gun the opposite way of the recoil. The reload rate is slower than most other AR's so it is best to not attach an extended magazine but rather to use a fast reloader magazine.

It was once able to be obtained in the Supply Case AR. However, it is now able to bought directly from the shop.



  • The TAR-21 CAMO was on sale for permanent duration on Combat Arms Europe/North America during the Combat Arms 7th Anniversary for 189,720 GP.[1]
    • Nexon removed the sale after day one due to a bug.[2]
    • The sale has never returned since the removal.


  • The camoflauge design on the TAR-21 CAMO is quite bland compared to other CAMO weapons.


  • The drawing animation of the TAR-21 CAMO.
  • The firing animation of the TAR-21 CAMO.
  • The burst firing animation of the TAR-21 CAMO.
  • The scoping animation of the TAR-21 CAMO.
  • The reloading animation of the TAR-21 CAMO.
  • The sprinting animation of the TAR-21 CAMO.


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