An ambidextrous bullpup assault rifle perfect for urban combat in the 21st Century. Made of composite materials, the TAR-21's design offers mercenaries a comfortable and lightweight rifle.
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The IMI TAR-21 (Tavor Assault Rifle - 21st Century) is an Israeli Assault Rifle that debuted in the 8-26-09 Patch. It is a bullpup-style weapon, similar to the AUG A1, L85A1, and FAMAS.

It is slightly lighter than the AUG A1/L85A1, but conversely has a lower damage rating (slightly lower than that of a SCAR-L/K2). Also heavier than the M4A1. It can fire in burst or full auto mode. The TAR-21 comes with an attached ITech Reflex Sight. This weapon is not noob friendly, just like the L85 series, because of its recoil.

Equipping it with a suppressor and using tap-firing or the burst-mode works good with this weapon since it helps to manage the recoil. The TAR-21 has an odd diagonal recoil pattern thus making it not as efficient as other assault rifles when it comes to killing at different ranges.

The weapon is restricted to players Second Lieutenant I and higher.



GP Standard
GP Rare
NX Standard
NX Rare
Forged/MARK II


  • Very few players use this gun, due to the high recoil and high rank requirement.
  • This gun has been deemed by many players as the worst gun in Combat Arms since its the least user-friendly, some think otherwise.
  • Its reload is similar to the L85A1's reload and its draw animation is comparable to that of the AK-47, M3 Super 90, and PP-19.
  • It was developed by IWI (formerly IMI), the Israeli company who developed the UZI & the Desert Eagle, which are also in Combat Arms, and a lot of other games.
  • Another downside to the gun is its high accuracy is offset by the pre attached iTech sight. This makes aiming at players ar range much more difficult.


  • The drawing animation of the TAR-21.
  • The firing animation of the TAR-21.
  • The reloading animation of the TAR-21.
  • The sprinting animation of the TAR-21.

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