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The Taiwanese T91 is a new rifle for the modern age, giving soldiers a powerful, reliable rifle effective in almost every situation.
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The T91 is an NX assault rifle released during the 9/18/13 Content Update (Operation: Roll Call).


The T91 is a high-performance M16 derivative that is suitable at almost all ranges.

While its rapid rate of fire makes it ideal for close quarters, the T91 truly shines in medium to long distance engagements. Its low recoil, high accuracy and burst fire option allow it to perform at distances most assault rifles cannot.

The major weakness of this weapon, however, is that it cannot accept a sight modification. This means that distance engagements may present a challenge to players that rely on sights.


For maximum effectiveness, use burst fire and aim for the chest. The recoil of the T91 is relatively upwards, causing the last 2 bullets in the 3 round burst to land near the head. This potentially allows for one burst kills.





Silver II
Silver III
(ACE) T91


  • This is the first Taiwanese weapon in Combat Arms.
  • The T91 appears to jam while reloading, forcing the player to hit it each time.
  • This weapon was offered to players for 90 days who logged in at least twelve days during the Roll Call Event.
  • The T91 was on sale for 9,520 NX for 90 days and 19,920 for permanent duration during its preview sale.
  • The T91 was given out for seven days to players who had a bingo on the 5-Shot event.
  • The ACE version of this weapon has a 31/93 ammo count, similar to the ACE Magpul FMG-9.


  • The drawing animation of the T91.
  • The firing animation of the T91.
  • The burst-mode firing animation of the T91.
  • The reloading animation of the T91.
  • The sprinting animation of the T91.