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Br De Fr
T91 High Resolution
NX cost

7 Days - 3,400 NX

30 Days 6,500 NX

90 Days - 11,900 NX

Permanent - 24,900 NX





Ammo capacity


Rate of Fire75
Firing modes


Burst Fire




Iron Sight

IRL [[wikipedia:|]]

The Taiwanese T91 is a new rifle for the modern age, giving soldiers a powerful, reliable rifle effective in almost every situation.
  — Item Description 

The T91 is an NX assault rifle released during the 9/18/13 Content Update (Operation: Roll Call).


The T91 is a high-performance M16 derivative that is suitable at almost all ranges.

It is a strong,consistent 4 hit kill,and it has a lower damage dropoff then most other assault rifles. This damage,combined with the rather fast rate of fire,will lead to being able to quickly kill opponents who surprise the user. It has the same maximum range as most other assault rifles,As firing outside of this range will cause the shots to cease to hit at all.

The weapon has a very rapid rate of fire, making it a very good weapon to use if surprised by an enemy. Not only that,but it is not a liability at longer ranges due to how quickly the spread decreases. This allows the weapon to perform well at all ranges.

It has a very controllable crosshair spread,being one that expands slowly for such a high rate of fire weapon,and shrinks quickly. Not only does the crosshair spread expand slower then most,it also starts off smaller then most other assault rifles as well. This makes it so that it can fire longer bursts with relatively high accuracy.

The recoil pattern will cause the weapon to kick up for the first 5 shots after initially being fired,then it will start to drift left and right,alternating every 2 shots. This leads to a weapon that is quite good for tap-firing,as the recoil will most likely settle before the next shot is fired.

The major weakness of this weapon, however, is that it cannot accept a sight modification. This means that distance engagements may present a challenge to players that rely on sights. This will make it harder then usual to use the gun at longer ranges,as the lack of a sight modification means that bursts at range would have to be shortened to keep the weapon accurate,as simply countering the recoil is not an option.


For maximum effectiveness, use burst fire and aim for the chest. The recoil of the T91 is relatively upwards, causing the last 2 bullets in the 3 round burst to land near the head. This potentially allows for one burst kills.



NX Standard T91
Cousin M16A3
M16A3 Professional
M16A3 Veteran
M16A3 Elite
M16A3 Champion
M16A4 Firebug


  • This is the first Taiwanese weapon in Combat Arms.
  • The T91 appears to jam while reloading, forcing the player to hit it each time.
  • This weapon was offered to players for 90 days who logged in at least twelve days during the Roll Call Event.
  • The T91 was on sale for 9,520 NX for 90 days and 19,920 for permanent duration during its preview sale.
  • The T91 was given out for seven days to players who had a bingo on the 5-Shot event.
  • The ACE version of this weapon has a 31/93 ammo count, similar to the ACE Magpul FMG-9.


  • The drawing animation of the T91.
  • The firing animation of the T91.
  • The burst-mode firing animation of the T91.
  • The reloading animation of the T91.
  • The sprinting animation of the T91.

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