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Br De Fr
MYST-Weapon I
NX cost

1 item - 2,500 NX

7 items - 16,000 NX

15 items - 30,000 NX

Restrictions At least Staff Sergeant/I to use NX Credit
Features Random 1-Star or 2-Star Gold Primary, Secondary and Melee Weapons for a certain duration or permanent.
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Supply Crate MYST-Weapon
MYST-Weapon II
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This crate contains a slew of rare 1-Star and 2-Star Gold weapons, including some permanent ones.
  — Item Description 

Crate Contents

This is a list of items that are currently obtainable from the MYST-Weapon I.


  • In Combat Arms Brazil this case was renamed to "MYST-Arsenal I".
  • The MYST-Weapon I will replace the MYST-Arsenal.
    • All items have chances of permanent.
  • There is a chance to obtain the MYST-Weapon I through the Ghost Hi-Sec Case.


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