These Supply Crates contain a mix of NX-Rare and Epic weapons along with NX-Standard weapons, for various durations ranging from a single day to as long as Permanent for non-Epic weapons! The contents of these Supply Crates will change frequently, with a whole new set of permanent weapons just waiting to be obtained. The current version, the Supply Crate MYST-Alpha, includes Viper’s P90TR (Epic), TPG-1 Master, M417 SB, TRG-41 and the M4 Super 90, among many others!
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Supply Crate MYST

Main supply crate myst

NX cost
1 Use - 2,000 NX

7 Uses - 13,000 NX

15 Uses - 24,000 NX
Must be Staff Sergeant/I to use NX Credit

The Supply Crate MYST is a unique NX-Only Crate (with the exception of MYST-G) that began it's first phase on March 22, 2011.


The MYST Crate is a Supply Crate whose contents include NX Standard, Rare, and Epic weapons. Each month, the possible contents of the MYST change to accomodate a new list of weapons. Each change is a different "phase" and has a unique suffix to distinguish it from other versions of the MYST crate. Each case offers a chance to obtain a weapon with a permanent duration, even Epic weapons.

It is the successor of the Supply Crate MYST-N, which only gave NX Rare weapons that had durations ranging from 1 Day to 90 Days. While the original MYST-N case is no longer available, the MYST-G is still available.

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  • The Arsenal shows this item as "Supply Crate MYST" regardless of the suffix currently in use.
  • The MYST is the first case to regularly have its contents and its name changed.
  • The 1 Day duration was removed in the MYST-Foxtrot.
  • Many players within the community consider the MYST to be a downgrade from its predecessor.[citation needed]
  • The suffixes follow the NATO Phonetic Alphabet: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel, India, Juliet, Kilo, etc.
  • One of the many features of the crate is that it grants many NX-Standard items, which has been an issue for many players.[citation needed]
  • In Combat Arms Europe, this case doesn't yet exist, and the old MYST-N is still available.
  • As of the Supply Crate MYST-Kilo, permanent Epic weapons are available.


MYST banner

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