This Supply Case contains a random Specialist and a broad array of Specialist-Only weapons and items. Every case awards 5 items, including a guaranteed Epic-Grade weapon!
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The Super Specialist Crate was one of the items that first appeared during the 2011 Black Friday event. The Super Specialist Crate was the special variant of the Mega MYST Crate. In Combat Arms Europe, this case was named after GM-Viewty and it's called Viewty's Specialist Case (as the normal Kalika Case was named Viewty's Case). It also had another image than the original Kalika's Specialist Case, however the contents were the same.

Possible durations range from 1 day, 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, to even Permanent.

Main kalika specialist case

The Kalika Specialist Case

Every case contains:

  • 1 Specialist Mercenary
  • 1 Specialist Weapon/Item
  • 1 Specialist 2 Slot License or 1 Specialist Backpack License
  • 1 Epic Weapon
  • 1 Premium Functional Item

List of Full Possible Items

Specialist Mercenaries:

Specialist Weapons/Items:

Specialist Licenses:

Epic Weapons:

Premium Functional Items:


  • Like the Mega MYST Crate, the Super Specialist Crate was originally named after Kalika (i.e Kalika Specialist Crate). After 7/20/12, this is no longer the case as Kalika resigned from her position as the Community Manager.
  • The Super Specialist Crate was featured on the Happy NeX-Mas Sale.

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