This deceptively small shotgun is designed for maximum punishment at minimum range. Such a compact design can only load 3 shells at a time, so make them count!
  — The Arsenal 

The Serbu Super Shorty is a GP-exclusive shotgun.


Like the Double Barrel, it has an extremely small magazine size, but it is compensated for by its above average RoF and its rather high damage. Like most other shotguns, the Super Shorty is a solid two-shot-kill up close and a three-shot at medium range.

The one major downfall of the Super Shorty, however, is its very high price---almost double that of other GP shotguns.

Currently, the Super Shorty comes with a 3-round magazine and 24 shells in reserve, with no way to extend the magazine size or quicken its already above average reload time.

This weapon is comparable with the M4 Super 90 in terms of rate of fire and damage, but not in portability and ammo capacity.

It is advised to use this as an alternative to the Double Barrel and its variants, as the weapon's functionality is suited to a role similar to the Double Barrel's.



Super Shorty
Rocco's Super Shorty Set tag


Silver I
Super Shorty
Silver III
Rocco's Super Shorty Set tag


GP Standard
Super Shorty
Rocco's Super Shorty Set tag


  • It has 3 shells per round, with 24 in reserve.
  • The Arsenal's picture shows the foregrip folded upward, under the barrel. In-game, however, the picture shows the foregrip folded out, and the in-game model shows the player holding the foregrip.


  • Drawing animation of the Super Shorty
  • Firing animation of the Super Shorty
  • Reloading animation of the Super Shorty
  • Sprinting animation of the Super Shorty

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