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The Super Megaphone item allows you to display your own customized message, in the color of your choice, for other users to see. Your message will display in the top notice window in the server and channel lobby as well as in-game for all games on all servers.
  — Item Description 

Super Megaphones are NX function items that allows a player to send out a message in multiple colors in the chat box or interface, depending if one is in or out of game. These can be for many purposes, but are mostly used for harassment or advertising.

All super megaphones are seen in-game, game lobby and game rooms.

How to use

  1. Double click on the Super Megaphones which is found in your inventory.
  2. There would be a mini screen popping up showing the super megaphone editing screen.
  3. Type in what you what to say in the megaphone. The limit of per megaphone is 65 letters.
  4. You can highlight and select a color for any portion of the message.
  5. When done, click "OK" found at the bottom of the screen. A message will pop up saying if you want the megaphone to be broadcast.



  • As of the 6/28/11 Content Update, Super Megaphones have a rank requirement of Staff Sergeant/I to purchase.
  • The Super Megaphones were given out during the SvS event (2012). Players had to wait for at least 4-5 hours to broadcast a megaphone, with a queue of 1000 Megaphones waiting to be announced.
  • Super Megaphones are one of the rewards of the Daily Jobs Variety box and Daily Jobs Function box allowing all players to receive Super Megaphones. 
  • Unfortunately, Super Megaphones are rarely used for anything constructive, if not, malicious. Currently, the Super Megaphone is most commonly observed being utilized to either harass other players and/or Nexon, advertise hacking/cheating materials, "trading" offers (which most commonly results in a scam), or to advertise illicit methods of gaining free NX. Players breaching Nexon's Terms of Services with this function is not uncommon.  
  • The Super Megaphone was removed from Combat Arms Europe/North America on September 21st, 2016.[1]


  • The Super Megaphone editing screen.
  • Type in what you want to say in the megaphone. Highlight any word and select a color for it.
  • Click "OK" once finished.


  1. Combat Arms Europe/North America Official Webpage

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