Suicide main

Suicide is the term used to describe a player intentionally killing himself. There are a few reasons for suicide:

  • The player has low health, so they kill themself to respawn with full health.
  • The player has glitched out and cannot move/do anything.
  • The player wants to annoy other players.
  • To prevent the player from granting points to the enemy through death. Particularly in 1v1 OMA matches.


Here some common ways to kill yourself:

  • Falling off a tall building/structure.
  • Falling into deep water
  • Death by your own grenade
  • Death by your own mines
  • Prolonged exposure to your own flame/gas cloud until you die
  • Getting hit by your own Flamethrower or other weapons with recoil
  • Firing an RPG-7, LAW, M32, or M32 Incendiary at really close range
  • Staying in poisonous areas and taking damage until you die (mostly in Quarantine or Fireteam)

And here are some less common methods:


  • It's possible to jump off a tall building/structure and headshot yourself. This is caused by one being shot in the head prior to suicide.
  • Suicide Headshot!?!

    An example.

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