For the ultimate in both portability and lead spitting, nothing beats a sub-machine gun. SMGs maintain a high degree of accuracy and fire rate, with minimal recoil, making them extremely deadly at short range. A wide variety of SMGs are available for your pray-and-spray needs.
  — Weapon Class Description 

The UZI is an infamous SMG because it is very light and has one of the highest rates of fire of any weapon.

A Submachine Gun (abbreviated SMG) is a weapon that often combines high rate of fire (with the exception with the unusually slow UMP) and portability to build the perfect weapon for covert and stealth missions.

SMGs offset this exceptional rate of fire with reduced accuracy at longer ranges, and are considered the opposite of Sniper Rifles. These type of weapons are perfect for a silent close combat kill for even unsuppressed SMGs are relatively quiet compared to most other weapons. SMGs are used mainly in Game Modes that requires rushing, such as in Capture the Flag and Quarantine Regen, due to their light weight.

Along with the Assault Rifle and, to a lesser extent, the Sniper Rifle, the SMG's are the most popular type of gun in the game. They come in many different shapes and forms. The high rate of fire is accompanied by high recoil. Accuracy is also a weakness, but a few (like the MP7) have decent accuracy ratings. When modified with an S3 Suppressor and an ITech Reflex Sight, SMGs are silent, fast guns with fairly steady fire. SMGs have the easiest kills, just point and spray because the fast rate of fire does the rest.

SMGs are found to perform exceptionally in close-quarter engagements and sudden attacks (like Hit-and-Run). Most of these weapons are low in firepower; the lowest average of any primary weapon category. SMG's are meant to be used in CQB where their high fire rate turns them into force multipliers that turn the tide of any such encounter.

Submachine Guns Statistics Comparison

Weapon (SMG) Damage Portability Rate of Fire Accuracy Recoil 1 Day Price 7 Days Price 30 Days Price 90 Days Price Permanent Price

Rank Requirement

CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A13688907859900 NX3,400 NX6,500 NX11,900 NX24,900 NXNone
Dual Skorpions3675907267 - -6,500 NX11,900 NX24,900 NXNone
FAMAE S.A.F3688907763 - -6,500 NX11,900 NX24,900 NXNone
Hana's MAC-103690877464MYST-N
K1A3570827163800 GP3,920 GP15,600 GP43,200 GP -Ico rank02
K73080906267850 GP4,165 GP16,575 GP45,900 GP -Ico rank04 01
Kriss33889073631,200 GP5,880 GP23,400 GP64,800 GP -Ico rank08 02
Kriss SpecOps3489907463900 NX3,400 NX6,500 NX11,900 NX24,900 NXNone
M249 Para3870796665 - -6,500 NX11,900 NX24,900 NXNone
M9603485826863900 NX3,400 NX6,500 NX11,900 NX24,900 NXNone
MAC-103385906075800 GP3,920 GP15,600 GP43,200 GP -None
MAC-10 SE3688906074 -6,165 GP26,325 GP72,900 GP -Ico rank15 01
Magpul FMG-93690907760 -3,400 NX6,500 NX11,900 NX24,900 NXNone
Mei's MP7 MOD3788877562MYST-N
Micro UZI Metal3691906463MYST-N
MP5A43375856763800 GP3,920 GP15,600 GP43,200 GP -None
MP5 MOD3375856763900 NX3,400 NX6,500 NX11,900 NX24,900 NXNone
MP5 RAS33778567611,200 GP5,880 GP23,400 GP64,800 GP -Ico rank14 03
MP5 RAS Centurion3377866761MYST-N
MP734858770651,200 GP5,880 GP23,400 GP64,800 GP -Ico rank10 03
MP7 MOD3587877565900 NX3,400 NX6,500 NX11,900 NX24,900 NXNone
MP7 MOD Steel3687877562MYST-N
MP7 Steel34858770631,800 GP8,820 GP35,100 GP97,200 GP -Ico rank16 03
P9035738267721,100 GP5,390 GP21,450 GP59,400 GP -Ico rank07 02
P90 SE35738267721,650 GP8,085 GP32,175 GP89,100 GP -Ico rank16 05
P90 TR3573826772700 NX2,900 NX4,900 NX8,900 NX24,900 NXNone
P90 TR SE3673826772MYST-N
PP-1935808270751,200 GP5,880 GP23,400 GP64,800 GP -Ico rank10 01
PP-19 CAMO37808270751,800 GP8,820 GP35,100 GP97,200 GP -Ico rank15 05
PP-19 MOD3580827075900 NX3,400 NX6,500 NX11,900 NX24,900 NXNone
PP-19 MOD CAMO3780827073MYST-N
Scorpion's PP-19 MOD3880827273MYST-N
Skorpion32889073651,100 GP5,390 GP21,450 GP59,400 GP -Ico rank09 01
Skorpion Black33889073651,650 GP8,085 GP32,175 GP89,100 GP -Ico rank15 02
Skorpion Black MOD3489907365MYST-N
Skorpion MOD3388907365900 NX3,400 NX6,500 NX11,900 NX24,900 NXNone
T-23688907664900 NX3,400 NX6,500 NX11,900 NX24,900 NXNone
TMP38857974681,200 GP5,880 GP23,400 GP64,800 GP -Clan Level 3
UMP3775796763850 GP4,165 GP16,575 GP45,900 GP -Ico rank06 01
UMP453875796763900 NX3,400 NX6,500 NX11,900 NX24,900 NXNone
UZI3085906365700 GP3,430 GP13,650 GP37,800 GP -None
VB BERAPI LP023590907862900 NX3,400 NX6,500 NX11,900 NX24,900 NXNone
Viper's P90TR3675826872MYST-N
MP5A4 MARK II3480856763Gun Emporium Job
MP5 MOD Mark II3575866763Gun Emporium Job
Skorpion Black MARK II3588907464Gun Emporium Job
Skorpion Black MOD MARK II3689907464Gun Emporium Job
Skorpion MARK II3488907365Gun Emporium Job
Skorpion MOD MARK II3488907364Gun Emporium Job


  • Some guns are labelled as SMGs but are really Machine pistols (Ex. Magpul FMG 9).
  • Currently, there's a total of 61 Submachine Guns in the game.

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