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Striker Mutagen

Striker Mutagen Main


7 Days - 2,900 NX

30 Days - 5,900 NX

+3% for Speed, damage, and stamina Able to turn into the Striker Infected
Can only be used in Quarantine Regen Mode

The Striker Mutagen is a Mutagen released on 6/21/12. Its counterpart is the Crusher Mutagen.

Like the Crusher Mutagen, the Striker Mutagen can only be used in Quarantine.


It allows players to turn into the Striker when they are Infected in Quarantine. It also increases Speed, Sprint Stamina, and Damage by 3% while the player is human, and increases their ammo supply by 25%.

A unique feature of the Striker Mutagen allows the player to have unlimited Stamina and increased speed overall, through use of the Virulent ability. Therefore, the Striker Mutagen allows the player to run in increased speed without losing stamina.

A Host Striker has 285 HP, while a Viral Striker has 185.

How To Use

To use the Striker Mutagen, equip the item and join a game of Quarantine. A screen will allow you to choose which mutagen you want to use for each round. The Striker is in the second option, in which the player must press 1 to activate.

If the player does not wish to use the Striker, they can press 0 to use the original Infected or not press anything and they will automatically become a normal infected. However it is recommended to press 0 as the choosing screen will remain till the infected is chosen blocking your vision.

Striker Mutagen


  • This item gave the Striker its official name.
  • Along with the Crusher Mutagen, the Striker Mutagen is the only item that allows the player to become an Infected of a different gender.
  • On its release, the Striker Mutagen was on a 40% sale. The durations were also available for 1 to 90 days during the supply drop.
  • The sound an infected equipped with the Striker Mutagen makes while sprinting and resting is different to a normal infected. It is much more high-pitched.
  • The claws of an infected equipped with the Striker Mutagen are smaller than a regular infected. However, strikes are much faster.
  • The Striker Mutagen can increase the chances of the player shifting in Quarantine.
  • This is the second Quarantine-exclusive item to be released. The first was the Crusher Mutagen, which was released a day before in CA Europe.
  • The Striker Mutagen (along with its crusher counterpart) was featured in the Roulette Wheel during 1-7th August, 2012 (for the August Harvest Event).
  • Because of the faster attacks, the Striker infects more easily than its counterpart, the Crusher, whom attacks much slower and only with one strike.
  • The Striker in Quarantine Regen looks different compared to the one in Fireteam.
  • This item was available for permanent duration during the NeX-Mas Sale at a price of 12,950 NX.
  • This item was available for permanet duration during the One Day Mania at a price of 13,875 NX.


  • The drawing animation of the Striker.
  • The swing animation of the Striker.
  • The sprinting animation of the Striker.
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