It looks like a fun-in-the-sun squirt gun but you don't want to get shot with it.
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The Squirt Gun is a pistol that was released with the 6/29/11 Patch|6/29/11 Content Update. It's original recipe to be forged at the Gun Emporium was a USP + 1 Water Pallet.


The Squirt Gun is a very good weapon that performs similarly to the G23, with slightly less damage but a lot less recoil, allowing for efficient sprays of fire. The Squirt Gun has a unique reloading/firing sound, sounding "water" like. The pistol can be modified with a suppressor, magazine, and sights.

Expanding on what was said above, the squirt gun is a joke weapon included in the game for fun. However don't take this little gun lightly as it is one of the best pistols a person can obtain without having to spend NX. Its shining features this weapon has is the high rate of fire, almost non-existant recoil, and its fast reload speed. This is balanced by its low damage rating of 30.

Its positive traits make this weapon extremely good for spray tactics as a quick 5 shot burst aimed at chest level may hit the head or just outright kill the enemy with bodyshots. Additionally, its large  "magazine capacity," low recoil, and fast reload make it viable for freerunners in Quar-regen players to use.



Squirt Gun


Silver II
Squirt Gun
Gold I
Improved Squirt Gun


  • The original forging required a G23 SE + 8 Water Pallets + 4 Plastic Pallets.
  • The Squirt Gun could not be forged after 7-29-11, until 3-30-12, when it made a secretive return.
  • This gun has a completely silent draw.
  • This gun, along with the Box Gun, Guitar Gun, Alien Gun and Toy Gun mysteriously disappeared from the Gun Emporium after the 4-2-12 patch, suggesting that Nexon 'accidentally' released these guns. This could also explain the different weapons able to be used to forge them, and only having to use 1 Replica Pallet.
  • The Squirt Gun returned once more after the June 15, 2012 patch, but was removed after the 9/19/12 Patch.
  • The Squirt Gun was available for forging during Forge-A-Thon Event, from 08/15/13 to 08/20/13, using 8 Water Pallet and 4 Plastic Pallet with the G23 or the USP.
  • Despite being a squirt gun that loads water from the plastic tank that fits in from the top, it still ejects bullet casings when fired
  • The weapon this is based off of is probably the G23 as they have very similar overall shape, and the fact the handle of the Squirt Gun has a Glock logo imprinted on it


  • The drawing animation of the Squirt Gun.
  • The firing animation of the Squirt Gun.
  • The reloading animation of the Squirt Gun.
  • The sprinting animation of the Squirt Gun.