To Spray is to fire an automatic weapon non-stop in the hopes of hitting an enemy. It is a strategy used in many FPS games, including Combat Arms.

How It's Done

Spraying is best performed with an automatic or semi-automatic weapon, especially with a Machine Gun. Simply shoot close to all the bullets in a Magazine at once towards the enemies' location.

Filling the air with bullets makes it hard for enemies to evade (though skillful players can still react in time), and makes it  difficult for enemies to fire back without being hit themselves.


  • At close ranges, hot spots, and tight spaces, this technique can turn most enemies into swiss cheese.
  • Spraying into the enemy spawn will create suppression fire, giving allies time to set up.


  • At anything further than close range, spraying becomes ineffective and will make one prone to missing the target altogether.
  • The weapon's spread increases to its maximum, making the bullets fly all over the place. This happens even with guns that have tight spreads, most notably some of the Submachine Guns.
  • If spraying too long, the player will often have to reload, which gives enemies time to retaliate while he is reloading leaving him helpless or only with his secondary.

See Also: Covering Fire

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