Main cyclops bandana

The Cyclops Bandana, providing a whopping 7% speed increase.

Speed Gear is any equipment that improves the player's speed.


The player's natural speed is limited by the amount of gear and weapons they carry on hand. Conversely, speed gear provides mobility in order to offset that burden, ranging from boosts of +1% to +16%.

Many different items can provide speed boosts, but it is commonly added through gear—such as vests, head items, and face items. Mercenaries have varying speed boosts based on their unique vest.

Speed gear sees its highest use in game modes such as Quarantine, where speed is valued over protection.

Ironically, speed gear is actually more useful in other modes - as players often cannot make full use of their armor protection regardless, while a lighter vest can be deterimental in Quarantine, as players will have less health as an Infected.

Maximum Speed

The overall highest speed in the game—before modifications were removed from the game—was achieved with the following setup:

42% speed (or 45% speed, in Quarantine):

As of 2017, the highest possible speed can be achieved with the following setup:

33% speed (or 36% speed, in Quarantine):

List of Speed Gear

These are a list of items that provide speed.

% Characters Head Gear Face Gear Vest Backpack Others

First Anniversary Cap

Third Anniversary Cap

Fourth Anniversary Cap

5th Anniversary Cap

6th Anniversary Cap


i-Pop Hat

Force Recon Helmet

Patriot Cap


Boonie Hat


Combat Beanie


Patriot Skull Mask

Anti-Flash Goggles

Prankster Bandana

Guy Fawkes Mask

Leprechaun Beard

Hauser's Glasses

Xmas Swag: Mask



FutureX Goggles

Ghost Shark Goggles

Lionheart Glasses


Military Bandana

Cowboy Hat

Force Warrior Helmet

Ballistic Helmet

Optical Sight

Infected Mask Host

Snowman Head


Aviator's Cap

Hockey Mask


Cyclops Bandana

Reindeer Horns

Elite 3rd Anniversary Cap

Elite 4th Anniversary Cap

Elite 5th Anniversary Cap

Elite 6th Anniversary Cap


FutureX Recon Helmet

Ghost Shark Helmet

Spec Ops Mei's Camo Cap

Lionheart Beret



Summer Elle

Carnival Elle Rio

Carnival Elle Sky Blue


Summer Ophelia

Carnival Ophelia Rio

Carnival Ophelia Scarlet

Recon Vest (and all cosmetic Variants)


Xmas Swag: Green Sweater

Xmas Swag: Red Sweater

Xmas Swag: Black Sweater

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