Enables one additional slot for Special items.
  — Item Description 

The Specialist 2 Slot License is a functional item that can only be used by Specialists.


This license authorizes the use of an extra Specialist item, whereas most Specialists are only restricted to one. It is available in both NX and GP, and can be convenient as well as costly (since purchasing this item and two other Specialist Items, in both GP and NX, would quickly become expensive).

This item also allows players to combine an offensive item with a defensive one, such as the one-hit-kill M32 Grenade Launcher with a backup Medkit.

The Specialist Backpack License has a similar function, though it allows the use of an extra non-Specialist item instead.

Note: The Specialist 2 Slot License cannot be used in conjunction with the Specialist Backpack License.



NX Standard
Specialist 2 Slot License
Advanced Specialist 3 Slot License