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The Snowball Rifle was a gun that was only able to be used in Snowball Fights. It fired snowballs (a bright blue ball that has a light blue smoke trail behind it) and had infinite ammo. It had two attacks, the Primary attack which lobs the snowball in an arc, or the secondary attack which shot the snowball in a straighter arc, therefore making it go further but still not in a direct straight path.

Each snowball shot out has a small blast radius, and can damage the player who shot it if the snowball impacted too close to them. The "Rifle" had a decent weight, though players prefer to run with the Snow Shovel. The rifle does not need to reload but the rifle has a very slow automatic fire rate.

The snowball rifle made an infamous comeback when the Lifetaker and weapon spawner hack was introduced.


  • Most people don't know about the secondary attack, for it is not clearly explained in the website nor official sources and therefore forces players to experience it themselves or use a third-party source (like this one).

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