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While some soldiers like the comfort of being able to quickly lay down a hail of gunfire, a special breed prides themselves on their efficiency---following the mantra of "one shot, one kill." These high-powered, long distance rifles are perfect for that lone soldier who prefers to be feared from afar by enemies, yet loved by fellow soldiers for their watchful oversight.
  — Weapon Class Description 

The Sniper Rifle is a unique Primary Weapon branch.


While most primary weapons aim to take down several targets at once, the sniper rifle focuses on a single target at a time.

Therefore, the first (and only shot) is expected to take down an enemy. In order to fulfill this end, most sniper rifles are powerful and perform well over long distances. A loud firing noise, tracer bullets, and a slow firing and reload rate often compensate for a rifle's power.

If an enemy is not taken down quickly, a sniper's position may either be compromised by noise, or the tracer that was fired. As its slow fire/reload rate is not suited for close-quarters combat, it may leave the sniper vulnerable and unable to defend themselves, while their target gets away.

Furthermore, Sniper rifles do not have a set of crosshairs (without using the scope). Instead players must solely rely on the scope, or their innate sense of direction.

Fire Modes

Sniper Rifles currently come in four firearm actions: Semi-Auto, Bolt Action, Automatic, and Lever-Action.

Automatic sniper rifles are few in number and are have overall stats similar to the semi-autos. One of the few noticeable differences between them is that by holding down the trigger, it enables the rifle to fire at a constant, repeating rate. Although they have the slowest fire rate of all automatic weapons, they are incredibly reliable in a close quarters battle scene as opposed to their semi-auto and bolt action cousins. There are many rumors going on that the fully automatic snipers do not exist, despite the fact that Combat Arms has clearly listed a few, such as the M39 EMR , as fully automatic sniper rifles.

Semi-Auto rifles are extremely reliable variants of sniper rifles. They are easy to use, and have good overall stats. Semi-auto rifles has the ability to fire several shots without having to reload. They are quick and reasonably accurate; but they lack in damage (with the exception of the M99-II and WA2000 ). Compared to other variants of sniper rifles; semi-auto rifles often take 2-3 shots to kill someone outside of the head and sometimes back (again, with the exception of the M99-II and WA2000 ). Notable Semi-Auto rifles include: Dragunov SVD , PSG-1 , and MSG-90 .

Bolt-Action rifles are equally useful. After every shot, the player automatically zooms out and pulls the bolt to load in another bullet into the chamber from the magazine. After the 9-09-09 Patch Nexon incorporated a code into the engine which automatically rechambers the gun without zooming out if an enemy player is in the field of view of the scope. These bolt-action rifles are slow, but the majority of them are far more accurate and powerful then their semi-auto cousins, but what they lack in speed they make up in power. Bolt-action rifles are by far the most powerful weapons in the game (notable exceptions are M24 series and SPR although these rifles boast perfect accuracy). Additionally, Bolt-Action rifles are the most numerous type of sniper rifle in the game as far as variants go, and the most used- it's hard to go a all-weapons match without seeing at least one L96A1 or TPG-1 in operation. Notable and controversial bolt-action rifles include: DSR-1 Tactical , TPG-1 series, M24 , and the Accuracy International family of sniper rifles.

Lever-Action: There is currently only one lever-action sniper rifle, the M1866 . Lever action is a mix between Bolt-action and Semi-Auto, with it zooming out to rechamber another bullet, but at very fast speeds.


Sniper rifles are almost exclusively used with the scope zoomed; however, a style of shooting known as no-scoping (firing without using the scope) is sometimes used in close-quarters combat. The disadvantage to no-scoping is that it is incredibly inaccurate and is completely useless at range. Some players have learned to bridge these difficulties and have learned to zoom in and kill very quickly (quick scoping). Another method to overcome this issue is to align a small 'sight' on your monitor such as an extremely small square of tape. This is aligned while aiming down the scope and placed in the center of the crosshairs so the gun can be fired without aiming down the scope. However, the marker must be very small (as to not cover objects or make it hard to aim while looking down the scope) and well positioned. Sniper rifles still suffer from a large bullet spread when fired without sights so this method is often still inaccurate.


Collateral (also known as a piercing shot) is the term used to describe the occurrence of killing two or more people, with one sniper bullet. This primarily occurs with One Hit Kill Sniper Rifles, however, may occur with high damage Two Hit Kill Sniper Rifles as well. A good example of this is the SR25, where a video was once posted on it's page showing a person getting a collateral headshot on Snow Valley.

List of Sniper Rifles

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GP Weapon (SR) Damage Portability Rate of Fire Accuracy Recoil Ammo Firing Mode 1 Day Price 7 Days Price 30 Days Price 90 Days Price Rank
M24904515100607/21Bolt-Action1,100 GP5,390 GP21,450 GP59,400 GPIco rank01
SR25754325956010/30Automatic1,100 GP5,390 GP21,450 GP59,400 GPIco rank03 01
MSG-90834120905510/30Automatic1,200 GP5,880 GP23,400 GP64,800 GPIco rank04 01
L96A1100401090655/15Bolt-Action1,400 GP6,860 GP27,300 GP75,600 GPIco rank06 01
Dragunov SVD894520937010/30Semi-Auto1,400 GP6,860 GP27,300 GP75,600 GPIco rank07 01
PSG-195322090557/28Automatic1,600 GP7,840 GP31,200 GP86,400 GPIco rank09 04
TPG-1100411698655/15Bolt-Action1,800 GP8,820 GP35,100 GP97,200 GPIco rank10 03
M-200100351092705/15Bolt-Action1,800 GP8,820 GP35,100 GP97,200 GPIco rank10 05
M99 Bigshot1003116100661/19Bolt-Action -5,880 GP23,400 GP64,400 GPIco rank11 01
M99-II100321699665/15Automatic1,400 GP6,860 GP27,300 GP75,600 GPIco rank11 03
Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle954518987010/20Bolt-Action2,100 GP10,290 GP40,950 GP113,400 GPIco rank11 05
DSR-199451197635/20Bolt-Action1,600 GP7,840 GP 31,200 GP86,400 GPIco rank12 01
VSS834320997010/30Semi-Auto2,100 GP10,290 GP40,950 GP113,400 GPIco rank12 02
L115A2100451091655/15Bolt-Action1,400 GP6,860 GP27,300 GP75,600 GPIco rank12 03
M39 EMR855130984520/20Automatic1,400 GP6,860 GP27,300 GP75,600 GPIco rank12 04
M24 Woodland905115100607/21Bolt-Action1,200 GP5,880 GP23,400 GP64,800 GPIco rank12 05
M107CQ100301091665/15Automatic1,400 GP6,860 GP27,300 GP75,600 GPIco rank13 01
TRG-21100431898655/15Bolt-Action1,400 GP6,860 GP27,300 GP75,600 GPIco rank13 02
Tango 5198441098635/25Bolt-Action1,400 GP6,860 GP27,300 GP75,600 GPIco rank13 03
ZVI Falcon100321698652/18Bolt-Action2,400 GP11,760 GP46,800 GP129,600 GPIco rank13 04
L115A2 Arctic Wolf 100461091655/15Bolt-Action -8,820 GP35,110 GP97,200 GPIco rank13 05
SR25 Sandfire754628956010/20Automatic1,650 GP8,085 GP32,175 GP89,100 GPIco rank14 02
Dragunov SVDS954520937010/30Semi-Automatic2,100 GP10,290 GP40,950 GP113,400 GPIco rank14 05
PSG-1 CAMO95322090557/28Automatic2,400 GP11,760 GP46,800 GP129,600 GPIco rank15 03
L96A1 Ghillie100401090655/15Bolt-Action2,100 GP10,290 GP40,950 GP113,400 GPIco rank16 02
M107CQ Air Force100321092665/15Automatic2,100 GP10,290 GP40,950 GP113,400 GPIco rank17

NX Weapon (SR) Damage Portability Rate of Fire Accuracy Recoil Ammo 1 Day Price 7 Days Price 30 Days Price 90 Days Price Permanent Price Requirements
Dragunov Black894520937010/30900 NX3200 NX5900 NX9900 NX 29900 NX


Dragunov SVDS Ghillie954520937010/30MYST-N
DSR-1 Subsonic100+451197585/20900 NX3500 NX6900 NX11900 NX29900 NX
DSR-1 Tactical100+4713100585/20MYST-N
E 57 Musket894540996410/30Gun Emporium Forging
L115A3100+451091655/15900 NX3200 NX5900 NX9900 NX 29900 NX None
L115A3 Ghillie 100+501699635/15


Supply Crate MYST-Zulu

L96A1 Arctic Wolf100+401090655/15900 NX3400 NX6500 NX11900 NX29900 NXNone
L96A1 Super-Magnum100+451490656/18MYST-N
L96A1 Black-Magnum100+451490656/18MYST-N
M107CQ SE100+321092665/20900 NX3200 NX5900 NX9900 NX29900 NXNone
M107CQ SE Ghillie100+321093665/20MYST-N
M110 SASS875030955510/30 - -6500 NX11900 NX 29900 NX None
M1866954535100668/32 - - 6500 NX11900 NX 29900 NX None
M200 Ghillie100+401094706/18 900  NX 3200 NX6500 NX11900 NX29900 NX None
M24A3974513100607/21900 NX3200 NX5900 NX9900 NX 29900 NX None
M24A3 Woodland9751131006010/30MYST-N
M39 EMR Desert875130984520/20900 NX3400 NX6500 NX11900 NX 29900 NX None
M6A3 DMR 725147907030/30Supply crate MYST-Uniform
PSG-1 MOD953220955510/30900 NX3200 NX5900 NX9900 NX 29900 NX None
PSG-1 MOD CAMO953220955510/30MYST-N
S 58 Musket100+431699655/20Gun Emporium Forging
TPG-1 Master 100+431699655/25MYST-N
TPG-1 Pro 100+431698655/20 900  NX 3400 NX6500 NX11900 NX29900 NXNone
TRG-41 100+431698655/20900 NX3400 NX6500 NX11900 NX 29900 NX None
TRG SE 100+4518996510/20MYST-N
WA2000 100+431698645/20900 NX3400 NX6500  NX11900  NX 29900 NX None
WA2000-1 Tactical 100+451699645/25 Gun Emporium Forging
WA2000 Classic 100+491698645/25


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