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Skull Mask (Jaws)

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Br De Fr
Img main skull mask jaws
Skull Mask (Jaws)
GP cost

30 Days - 7,800 GP

90 Days - 21,600 GP


Master Sergeant/III


Very Low


Headshot Protection +3%

The Skull Mask Jaws is a variant of the Hammer Face Guard. Protecting the head from Head Shots by three percent (3%), it is a full face mask that has a mouth full of jagged teeth painted at the mouth area, imitating a shark.



GP Standard Skull Mask (Smiley)
Skull Mask (Jaws)
Skull Mask (Silver)
Skull Mask (Flames)
NX Standard Skull Mask (Flames)
Patriot Skull Mask
Elite 2nd Anniversary Mask (Brazil)
Elite Spider Skull Mask
Elite Scorpion Skull Mask
Festive 2nd Anniversary Mask
2nd Anniversary Mask (Brazil)
Spider Skull Mask
Scorpion Skull Mask
Guy Fawkes Mask

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