A bullet-proof mask of reinforced alloy which provides some protection for the face from shrapnel and other hazards
  — Item Description. 

The Skull Mask (Flames) is a variant of the Skull Mask. Protecting the head from Headshots three percent (3%), it is a full face mask that has drawings of fire all over the bottom half of the mask.

The Skull Mask (Flames) is purchasable both in the Black Market and the Shop for reasonable prices.



GP Standard
Skull Mask (Smiley)
Skull Mask (Jaws)
Skull Mask (Silver)
Skull Mask (Flames)
NX Standard
Skull Mask (Flames)
Patriot Skull Mask
Elite 2nd Anniversary Mask (Brazil)
Elite Spider Skull Mask
Elite Scorpion Skull Mask
2nd Anniversary Mask
2nd Anniversary Mask (Brazil)
Spider Skull Mask
Scorpion Skull Mask
Guy Fawkes Mask



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