A Bandana scarf featuring a skull. A face gear favored by the proud members of special ops.
  — Item Description 

The Skull Bandana is a purely cosmetic Face Item that was released after the 2-04-09 Patch.


It is available at the Shop at the rank of First Lieutenant I or above. The Skull Bandana is restricted to Assassins and Operatives. Therefore, players that equip Specialist characters cannot wear this item.

The Skull Bandana is uncommonly used among players because it doesn't give any statistic bonuses. Players usually wear this item for cosmetics. It is often combined with the Cyclops Bandana since they match in color. The Skull Bandana does nothing but represent prestige.



GP Standard
Skull Bandana
NX Standard
Prankster Bandana
Elite 1st Anniversary Bandana (Brazil)
First Anniversary Bandana
1st Anniversary Bandana (Brazil)
3rd Anniversary Bandana
Elite 3rd Anniversary Bandana
Fourth Anniversary Bandana
Elite 4th Anniversary Bandana
5th Anniversary Bandana
Elite 5th Anniversary Bandana


  • WOGL players would use this item because it has no statistic bonuses.