An improved model of the Skorpion that delivers greater damage.
  — The Arsenal 


The Skorpion MARK II is an upgraded version of the Skorpion. It is available to anyone who has a Skorpion and takes the Skorpion MARK II upgrade job from Bubba Ares. After achieving 100 kills with the Skorpion (accumulated when a game ends normally), the player is rewarded with the new gun. Aside from 2 more points of damage, the Skorpion MARK II, like the other gun upgrades, is identical to the original gun.



  • This weapon was available for direct purchase with NX during the Mark II Sale, for 90 day and permanent durations.


  • The gun was displayed before release in the Combat Arms Blood Money trailer.
  • According to the Arsenal's statistics, it beats every variant of the Skorpion, except the Skorpion Black Mod


  • The draw animation of the Skorpion Mark II.
  • The firing animation of the Skorpion Mark II.
  • The reload animation of the Skorpion Mark II.
  • The sprint animation of the Skorpion Mark II.

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