A special operations model of the Scorpion that delivers slightly greater damage.
  — The Arsenal 


The Skorpion Black is a variant of the Skorpion submachine gun. It is available in the Supply Case SMG. Keeping the fully automatic machine pistol's high portability, rate of fire, and sadly, its recoil, the Black version had its trigger grip replaced with a black handle instead of a classic wooden one. The rest of the gun is black, except for the lower receiver where it is shiny steel. The new coloring can come useful in maps such as Overdose. It has a very slight increase in damage from the Skorpion.





  • Drawing animation of the Skorpion Black
  • Firing animation of the Skorpion Black
  • Reloading animation of the Skorpion Black
  • Sprinting animation of the Skorpion Black

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