This shotgun was outfitted by Shylock to fight the Infected.
  — Item description 

The Shylock's Shotgun is a special variant of the R870 MCS MOD, outfitted by Shylock . It is only available for purchase in Dead Water at the cost of 15,000 Gold. As it belongs to the group of Super Weapons, it is enhanced to fight the Infected.


The high damage and range allow it to kill almost all types of Infected with just one shot. However, this weapon cannot have its ammunition replenished.If one were to run out of ammo, he or she must pay 15.000 Gold for Shylock to replenish its ammo.


  • This is the third shotgun to feature an attached sight.
  • Only one player may purchase and utilize the shotgun at any given time.
  • The Warlord will not replenish its ammo when used, but one of the Warlord's uses is wasted.
  • The same player can have more than one of this weapon when buying a recharge from the shop with it in the Backpack.The current held weapon is swapped for another Shylock's Shotgun.

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