A fur cap that's well-suited for cold weather. It enables you to sustain your speed and stamina, and also grants a bit of a defensive boost.
  — The Arsenal 

The Shapka is a type of headgear that was secretly released during the 12/15/10 Content Update. It was first featured as a special event item in the Scorpions vs. Spider event.


Its description seems to hint that it will give a Speed, Sprint Stamina, and defensive boost, similar to the Force Recon Helmet. It is available from the Black Market and the Shop (rank restrictions are applied when buying the Shapka with GP).


  • This hat originates from Russia, as evidenced by the fact that the "Hammer & Sickle" is depicted on it.
  • Oddly enough Shapka is a more broad term for a fur hat, yet it has obvious Soviet elements, it would be more appropriate to call it an ushanka.
  • This, combined with the Red Nose or Tactical Mask, would give an extraordinary 65% stamina boost. The new Elite Red Nose given out to players on December 16, 2011 as well as any of the Elite Anniversary Bandanas given out will increase that to 75% since they offer 30% sprint stamina. When an Increased Stamina I/II is applied to a 1 Star Gold item such as the Reinforced Tactical Mask (that offers 30% sprint stamina), the increase can jump to an incredible 98%.
  • This, including the Prankster Bandana and Max, were sold for Permanent in the Best of 2011 Sale.
  • The Shapka turns black when equipped by females and blue when equipped by males
  • When you view your "Player Profile" on the Combat Arms website, your shapka will be black. Even if your character is male.