The Servers are what keep the game stable and playable.

While there is a main online server keeping the game alive, there are also diversed servers in the game; consiting of a group of channels that players must choose from once they log in.

Servers used to have no regions. then were divided into West and East Regions, and are now currently reginonless.

Certain servers as shown below have different Clearance Levels.


The list of servers.

List of Current Servers

Types of Servers

These are the different types of servers.

Rank Servers

These Servers only allow certain ranks of players in their channels.

  • Jackson [Recruit] {Rank requirement of SSG and below}
  • Bravo (Needs Seargant First Class or above)
  • Charlie (Retired)
  • Echo (Retired)

The four server capacities: low, busy, moderate, and full. There is also a secret maintenance status.

KDR Servers

These Servers only allow players within a certain KDR range in their channels.

Regular Servers

Regular Servers, or Rank-Free Servers, allow players of any rank to get into.

  • Golf [All]
  • Papa [Rec Rules]
  • Bravo [All] (Revised to have rank requirement of SFC)
  • Alpha
  • Charlie (Retired)
  • Echo (Retired)
  • Raposa (Retired)
  • Aguila (Retired)

Clan Servers

These servers allow players who are only in clans to join. You can only play organized clan matches on these servers:

Grade Servers

These servers allow players who have purchased a certain amount of NX (Bronze) in their channels.

East Servers

These servers allowed players who lived on the east-coast to have servers closer to their area in order to increase server speed. They since have been removed.


  • All the Combat Arms server names are based on the ICAO spelling alphabet with the exception of Black Market, Bulldog, the no longer available Raposa and the no longer available Aguila.
  • Even though servers may say FULL, a player can often still enter them (unless it reached its maximum amount of players inside). It is currently unknown to what capacity can the server hold.
  • Each server recieves a special name-change during certain events, such as the World Cup or holidays such as Halloween.

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