An example of the right resolution


An example of a wrong resolution.

D.Eagle 800x600

Screen shot of a match in 800x600 resolution, one of the lower quality options.

The Screen Resolution is a changeable graphics option that can be found in many computer applications. In Combat Arms, Screen Resolution is a somewhat important aspect of the graphics in the game. There are four main resolutions both laptops and personal computers can use, though there are a few extra resolution choices (around four more; one that's intermediate and the rest specifically for large or widescreen monitors) players can chose if they have a somewhat more advanced monitor (like the ones for gaming computers). The higher the resolution, the more it takes up the screen, allowing more higher quality of graphics in the game. Though if players want their game to run a lot more smoothly, then a lower quality choice is recommended, for it only changes the quality, not actually the viewpoint (like players can see a wider, higher point of view).

Some resolutions are meant for widescreen displays, for some displays can go off the screen, which cuts off important parts of the screen.

Also,some resolutions can cut off some weapon parts (like the DSR-1 Family, in which the scope lens cannot be seen in a lower resolution.)

Some FPS laggers will be better off using a lower resolution (800 x 600, etc). However, 800 x 600 can make things VERY blurry.

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