The Scorpion Skull Mask was a reward given out to players during the Spiders vs Scorpions Event. It was given to players who were on the Scorpion's team.

The skull mask has a boost of +3% sprint stamina, and is restricted from use by Specialists and Assassins .

For more information on the Scorpions vs. Spiders II Event Prizes, visit:



GP Standard
Skull Mask (Smiley)
Skull Mask (Jaws)
Skull Mask (Silver)
Skull Mask (Flames)
NX Standard
Skull Mask (Flames)
Patriot Skull Mask
Elite 2nd Anniversary Mask (Brazil)
Elite Spider Skull Mask
Elite Scorpion Skull Mask
2nd Anniversary Mask
2nd Anniversary Mask (Brazil)
Spider Skull Mask
Scorpion Skull Mask
Guy Fawkes Mask


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