A fully automatic sniper rifle with superior fire-rate and reliability. Used frequently by black ops teams.
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The SR25 is a fully automatic GP-Standard Sniper Rifle.


Its rate of fire is higher than its rival, the MSG-90. The SR25 has a magazine size of ten and three magazines in reserve, totaling up to a massive forty bullets. Rapidly firing at long ranges is often ineffective due to its high recoil.

The SR25 comes with a built-in Suppressor, meaning no damage reduction.

The SR25's versatility, accuracy, and cheap price make it popular amongst beginner snipers and veterans alike.



  • Due to the 4-29-09 Patch, the SR25 was available for permanent duration through the Default Primary Weapon Change - SR25, for 32,900 NX. As of the 2-3-10 Patch, Default Weapon Changes have been removed from the Black Market and are no longer available.
  • The SR25 was available for permanent duration in the European region through the Europe Month Role-Call Event, requiring 23 logins in the period of 30th April - 27th May of 2014.


  • During Closed Beta testing, the SR25 had perfect accuracy. It was reduced to the accuracy it has now (95%) during the Open Beta.
  • In a patch, the SR25 has had a trigger delay of about a quarter second added to it, possibly to make the newly-released Dragunov SVD at the time more popular. However, after the 2-04-09 Patch, Nexon stated that it was "fixed", meaning it was a small bug before the February 2009 Patch.


  • The drawing animation of the SR25.
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