A 7.62mm caliber bolt action rifle that was initially developed for law enforcement use. The SPR was later enhanced and has since been adopted by the military.
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The FN SPR (Special Purpose Rifle) is a Sniper Rifle introduced in the 5-26-10 Content Update.


At first glance, the SPR appears to be similar to the M24 in looks and terms of efficiency.

They both have damage near 100, and both feature maximum accuracy.

It does, however, have slightly more power; as well as lower portability and a slower rate of fire. The chambering of bullets, however, is much faster than the M24's, making the SPR one of the more efficient bolt-action rifles.

The SPR is also one of the more costly Sniper Rifles in the game, costing 1,600 GP per day. Like all other clan items, your clan symbol can be seen on the front of the stock and behind the bolt when wielding this weapon. It also comes with an extra 2 rounds of ammo (5/25, or 30 total) compared to the M24 (7/21, or 28 total).





Silver I


  • This weapon is comparable to the M24 as they are both two-hit-kill, bolt-action sniper rifles with perfect accuracy.
  • However, unlike the M24, which can be bought at any time using GP, the SPR has a fairly high clan rank restriction, thereby lowering its popularity under the M24.
  • Given that the SPR is rare and unique, during the Scorpions vs Spiders: The Final Battle event, 4/5/2017 through 4/25/2017, the winner of week 2 would be given a permanent SPR, and the winner of that week were the Scorpions.


  • The drawing animation of the SPR.
  • The firing animation of the SPR.
  • The scoping animation of the SPR.
  • The reloading animation of the SPR.
  • The sprinting animation of the SPR.