A lightweight combat shotgun with a devastating blast radius. Can be fired in two modes; semi-auto or pump action.
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The Franchi SPAS-12 is a combat shotgun, which was one of the original weapons released in the game. The firing mode of this shotgun is rather unique in that it is automatic (most shotguns are pump-action like the R870 and the M590 Military). The SPAS-12 has slow automatic fire that is inaccurate after continuously firing. It has slightly weaker damage than the R870, but it makes up with its fire mode. After the 6-25-09 update, the SPAS-12 and all its variants now have 8 rounds in one magazine instead of 7, with a total of 32 rounds.

This shotgun is a cheap and relatively effective shotgun, especially when taking into consideration its low rank requirement. The SPAS-12 has a capacity of 8 shells by default and reloads shell by shell allowing the user to fire the weapon mid-reload. Its pellet spread is tight which allows for more pellets to group up and concentrate on targets at longer distances. In addition, it is an automatic shotgun allowing the user to fire faster than some pump action shotguns like the M590 and R870. These advantages are balanced out by its lower damage and poor damage fall off.

The damage of the SPAS-12 is a 2-3 shot kill depending on the range of the enemy. It is highly recommended to take advantage of the SPAS-12's relatively tight spread and always aim for the enemy's head at short to medium ranges as a headshot with any of the pellets is a guaranteed one shot kill. Bodyshots do less than stellar damage compared to the M590.

The SPAS-12 is unpopular and rarely used, mainly because there are other semi-automatic shotguns regarded as superior, such as the SAIGA 20K and M4 Super 90.



SPAS-12 Stock
SPAS-12 Gold
SPAS-12 Stock Gold


GP Standard
GP Rare
SPAS-12 Stock
NX Standard
SPAS-12 Gold
NX Rare
SPAS-12 Stock Gold


  • During Beta all shotguns were secondary weapons
  • Although the SPAS-12 is automatic, watching a player from third person shows the user using the pump feature of the shotgun.
  • Due to a past patch, now the SPAS-12 and its series have no name in the bottom right. (This has been fixed in a following patch).
  • Contrary to its arsenal description that states "Can be fired in two modes; semi-auto or pump action," the SPAS-12 only fires automatically.


  • Drawing animation of the SPAS-12
  • Firing animation of the SPAS-12
  • Reloading animation of the SPAS-12
  • Sprinting animation of the SPAS-12

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