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The camo version of the SG556 developed for use in Special Operations. Its lighter body, allowing increased portability, makes it an ideal choice for missions requiring mobility.
  — Item Description 

The SG556 CAMO is an NX-Rare Assault Rifle.


This weapon features a desert camo paint job. The CAMO version has a lighter frame, giving the rifle increased portability, compared to the base model.

Similarly to the SG550 CAMO, the stats claim that the SG556 CAMO has a slightly lower accuracy than its non-camo counterpart in order to make up for the larger magazine and the stronger firepower. While it may seem that the SG556 CAMO has much more recoil than the standard SG556, the CAMO variant actually takes more bullets to begin a side-to-side recoil pattern, and has less recoil to boot.



  • Although Nexon states that the accuracy has been lowered for stronger firepower, the damage statistic has not been changed at all.
  • This is the only NX Rare in a weapon family where an NX Standard version is statistically superior.
  • It was first confirmed to be in the Supply Crate MYST-N. At the time, no stats were confirmed for this Assault Rifle, although it had been confirmed to have a 30-round magazine which is an improvement on the base model's 20 round magazine.
  • Many people claim this gun is a great improvement over the SG550, boasting almost zero recoil when scoped in and a 4-hit kill.


  • The drawing animation of the SG556 CAMO.
  • The firing animation of the SG556 CAMO.
  • The reloading animation of the SG556 CAMO.
  • The sprinting animation of the SG556 CAMO.