A specially modified version of the SCAR-L marked with a Special Forces seal engraving. Performs on par with the standard SCAR-L.
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Like the SCAR-L Black, the Trispear is a purely cosmetic variant of the GP-Standard MK16 SCAR-L, meaning there are no statistical differences. However, it differs from the SCAR-L Black with its painted silver-grey color, as opposed to plain black. The Trispear also has an engraving of the Special Forces symbol, which is a red scorpion.

This gun is known for it's diagonal recoil and is mainly meant for CQC and midrange. Just like the original SCAR-L, by customizing this weapon at the Gun Emporium, it will have a fairly straight upwards recoil.

Variants & Custom Changes


Bronze III
Silver I
SCAR-L Black
Silver II
SCAR-L Trispear
SCAR-L After the Nuclear War
SCAR-L Blizzard
Silver III
(ACE) SCAR-L Trispear
Gold I


GP Standard
GP Rare
SCAR-L Black
NX Standard
SCAR-L Trispear
NX Rare
SCAR-L After the Nuclear War
SCAR-L Blizzard

Custom Changes





  • For the week of 10/28/09 to 11/4/09, it was offered as a permanent weapon for 24,900 NX.
  • This was one of the items in the Permanent Weapon Retirement sale. It was on sale from Wednesday 11/24 at 11 am to Wednesday 12/01 at 11 am PST for 12,450 NX before it was retired.
  • During the Black Friday Sale (2012), this gun was sold at 18,675 NX for permanent duration
  • It was sold for permanent duration on Combat Arms Brazil 4th Anniversary between 09/04/2014 and 09/10/2014 for 24,900 NX.


  • The SCAR-L Trispear was one of the first weapons to appear on the Black Market.


  • The draw animation of the SCAR-L Trispear.
  • The fire animation of the SCAR-L Trispear.
  • The burst-mode fire animation of the SCAR-L Trispear.
  • The reload animation of the SCAR-L Trispear.
  • The sprint animation of the SCAR-L Trispear.

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