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An upgraded version of the SAIGA 20K CQB, sporting an additional magazine and increased rate of fire. Those already proficient with the original will feel right at home with this Full-Auto shotgun.
  — The Arsenal 

The Saiga 20K CQB MARK II is an upgraded automatic Shotgun. It was released with the Fusion Update.


The Saiga 20K CQB MARK II performs similar to the original; the difference is that the MARK II upgrade trades portability for rate of fire.

The Rate of Fire of this gun is 4 points higher than the original SAIGA 20K CQB, making this gun very close stat-wise to the Saiga 20K CQB CAMO MARK II. In return for this boost, the portability is reduced by 2 points. All other stats remain unchanged. The MARK II has an additional spare magazine which greatly helps any user and provides even more ammunition than the Upgraded NX-Rare variant.



  • This weapon was available for direct purchase from the Black Market during the Mark II Sale, for 90 days and permanent duration.



  • Wielding the SAIGA 20K CQB MARK II.
  • SAIGA 20K CQB MARK II in mid reload.
  • SAIGA 20K CQB MARK II in high resolution.