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A camouflaged model of the Saiga 20K that has been modified to increase portability.
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The Saiga 20K CAMO is a variant of the Saiga 20K. It has the same structure of the 20K, but with a new urban/city-like camouflage on several parts like the PP-19 CAMO, and comes with a portability boost.


Although it is a shotgun, its damage is inferior when compared to other shotguns. The Spas-12 has relatively more damage, but is harder to aim. The Saiga has a good firing rate and will kill in a couple of shots if you have good aim. It is recommended for people who prefer power and spraying combined. Take note that this gun is highly effective in narrow corridors at medium-close range, since it is easy to hit enemies with most or all of the shotgun pellets. However it is often outclassed by many guns that can be obtained at lower ranks.



  • This gun used to be only available in Supply Cases before being added to the Shop


  • The draw animation of the SAIGA 20K CAMO.
  • The fire animation of the SAIGA 20K CAMO.
  • The reload animation of the SAIGA 20K CAMO.
  • The sprint animation of the SAIGA 20K CAMO.