A semi-automatic shotgun based on the time-proven AK design. While not particularly powerful, it has a long effective range.
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The Saiga 20K is a Russian Automatic GP-Standard Shotgun added into the game after the 1-14-09 Patch.


The Saiga 20K is based on the AK family, and is magazine loaded. It also has the same reloading animation as any other AK family rifle. Players tend to find it stronger and with less recoil than the SPAS-12. Also, this gun has less spread than other Shotguns. Sadly, it only has 8 rounds per standard magazine, making a lot of these users buy Extended Magazines for this weapon to make it deadlier. Strangely, the Saiga 20K is the only 20 gauge shotgun in the game. However, it has higher damage than some shotguns. A 12 gauge version (Saiga-12) exists as a standard, but Nexon has instead incorporated the 20 gauge version into the game.

Because the shotgun is magazine loaded, players must wait for the entire reload to finish before being able to fire again. Compared to the tube magazine shotguns such as the R870 which can be fired immediately after a shell has been loaded, this could be considered a disadvantage.



  • Like every other semi-automatic shotgun, players do not need to click multiple times to get shots off. (Although, all the fire rates of semi-automatic shotguns are actually SLOWER than they are normally able to).
  • No scopes can be mounted onto the Saiga 20K, despite the fact that rail mounts are available for all AK type weapons.
  • This family and the AA-12 Family are the only shotguns in Combat Arms to be fed by a magazine.


  • The drawing animation of the SAIGA 20K.
  • The firing animation of the SAIGA 20K.
  • The reloading animation of the SAIGA 20K.
  • The sprinting animation of the SAIGA 20K.