The subject of this article was either scrapped in development, or discontinued.

Throw this specialized smoke bomb to mark an enemy position and it will call in an artillery strike on that location.
  — Official Description 

The SA-18 is an obsolete Support Weapon.

Its spiritual successor is the Airstrike Designator - LGB and its variants.


This weapon is based on the 9K38 Igla (SA-18), which is an infrared homing surface-to-air missile in real life.

The SA-18's game files were introduced in early 2008, but a hidden update removed it from both the Shop and the Arsenal.


The SA-18 is a small canister that acts very similar to the M18 Smoke Grenade. According to the item description, it was meant to signal an artillery strike onto a designated target.

Players performing glitches in the early stages of Combat Arms would usually attack the air with their knife. By doing so, the SA-18 would fly out as if the player threw a grenade instead of attacking the air.

Yellow smoke emits from the canister, while a large red target will mark the designated area (similar to Search and Destroy) and multiple boxes with the words, "Warning: Cannon Strike".

After a few moments, the smoke and text would fade away without any results.

Combat Arms Korea

Players who play on the Korean server of Combat Arms are known to have access to a fully-completed version of the SA-18.

And unlike the mainstream developmental version, the SA 18 in Combat Arms Korea actually calls in three artillery rockets, which impact the ground one at a time.


  • This is currently the ONLY unreleased cancelled weapon in the game.


Combat Arm Glitch03:04

Combat Arm Glitch

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