Reduces both gunshot noise and tracer fire, lowering your chances of being spotted.
  — The Arsenal 

The S2 Suppressor is available to players who have reached or passed the rank of Staff Sergeant II.


The S2 is split into two compartments, and is covered in small dot-like indents.

As with all Suppressors, the S2 decreases the power of the weapon by 10%. It also reduces Tracer Bullets by 30%, instead of diverting the recoil to the side.

Snipers don't really benefit from reduced tracers, since only the 3rd round you fire will lose its trace. It may still be preferable over the S1, since the recoil becomes diagonal.


  • This suppressor is apparently made by Knight's Armament Co. out of their plant in Vero Beach, Florida and issued by the U.S. Government. It also appears to be designed to specifically suppress .45ACP rounds.
  • It doesn't make much sense to equip a suppressor to reduce tracer fire in real life, as tracers are bullets coated in phosphorus or magnesium. The logical solution would be to take all tracers out of the magazine. Of course players cannot choose which rounds are preloaded, so they must rely on a suppressor.

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