The S1 Suppressor is an Attachment which can be bought from the Modification Shop for 100 GP a day. It has no rank requirement and boasts a reduction of recoil by 10% and gunshot noise by 50% whilst reducing damage per shot by 10%. Many question the claim "Reduces Recoil 10%"; it turns out that the S1 suppressor decreases the vertical recoil and instead increases horizontal recoil.

Most weapons found at the Black Market, from supply cases) or from Hi Sec Cases that use an in-built suppressor use the S1 suppressor (i.e MP5 MOD, MP7 MOD, PP-19 MOD). A noticeable difference is that a built-in suppressor provides the -10% recoil while not increasing any horizontal recoil. Noticeable examples of this include the PP-19 MOD CAMO.


  • Examining the suppressor reveals it was produced by Gemtech, a manufacturer of firearm customization items like suppressors, out of their plant in Boise, Idaho.
  • The suppressor is labeled 6mm, which may indicate this is a mock suppressor used for BB or Airsoft guns.

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