Rushing is a tactic often used in FPS games. The central premise involves charging quickly at the enemy and engage them, instead of holding a position and waiting for them to come to you. It is generally considered the opposite of Camping


As with most tactics, rushing is most successful when the enemy does not anticipate it. A successful rush often catches the enemy off-guard, by striking before they can react. It can cause also cause a distraction, leaving enemies unprepared or scattered. Rushing also has it's risks. An initial rush may be successful, but the enemy will be anticipating subsequent ones and prepare better defenses.

VIP Rush

A unique type of rush exists in the mode VIP Escort. It involves the attacking team performing a rush, immediately at the start of the round, towards the VIP, and eliminating her before any reinforcements arrive. When successful this tactic can end the round in a matter of seconds.

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