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Combat-Arms 346

Roulette wheel at the end of the game


The Roulette Wheel was a part of the game that was used to win components for forging or customizing weapons in the Gun Emporium or to obtain other function items.

Any time you completed a Combat Arms match that fulfilled the following criteria, you would see the Roulette Wheel pop up:

This wheel appeared for about 20 seconds and if a slot is not chosen it automatically chooses one for you. The slot that was chosen was then highlighted in red. The numbers in the circle near the center indicated how many of each item you would receive. The "Exit" button had no function once the wheel starts spinning and thus if you did not press the Exit button before the wheel starts you would be locked in until the wheel stopped spinning.

Mode Minimum Required Goal Setting Players Required at the End of Normal Match Players Required at End of Elite Moderator Match Players Required at End of Super Elite Moderator Match
Elimination Pro 6 Rounds 16 14 12
Search and Destroy 5 Rounds 16 14 12
Elimination 100 Kills 16 14 12
One Man Army 30 Kills 16 14 12
Capture the Flag 5 Points 16 14 12
Spy Hunt 12 Minutes 16 14 12
Quarantine Regen 7 Rounds 16 14 12
Last Man Standing 5 Rounds 16 14 12
Bombing Run 5 Rounds 16 14 12
Seize and Secure 12 Minutes 16 14 12

How to use the Roulette Wheel

  • Shoot one of the 12 spots on the outside of the wheel.

Note: If you don't select a spot within ten seconds, one will be selected randomly. The Roulette Wheel will then spin.

  • You'll win whatever item that ends up next to your selected spot.

Weapon Hardware are advanced components that you'll use in the Emporium to modify GP and NX-Standard weapons. Use it or lose it? Not here. Weapon Hardware will remain available to you until you use it on a weapon.
Gun components come in two types:

  • Forging Hardware: These components can be used in the Forge to transform a GP or NX-Standard weapon into a special weapon found nowhere else in Combat Arms.
  • Customization Items: These components can be used to customize existing weapons. these components have a chance of improving the weapon's base characteristics.


  • There are rumors that said replica, screw, paper and plastic pallets are hard to get since the Roulette Wheel makes the pallets go to the least/none choices.
  • Elite Moderator rooms have become more popular because of the lower player requirement to spin the wheel.
  • The roulette is faulty, as it sometimes appears when people haven't achieved the objective, and sometimes doesn't appear when you have achieved the objective.
  • Tracker Knives, Tiger Striders, TRG-21s , P90s, Cyclops Bandanas, Prankster Bandanas, M416s, and G36Es have been added to the roulette for 1-30 day durations, as many players complained about getting too many "useless" items from the roulette, such as weapon customization parts that they will never use. It was only a short-lived addition, and ended on 8/22/11.
  • After some patch, the Roulette Wheel would appear on Fireteam games.
  • When a match ends very early there will be "bombs" on the roulette wheel. If a bomb lands on a particular spot, any player who select that spot will receive a "bust" (nothing).


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