The Rocco's AUG A3 is an Assault Rifle, released in the 05-29-14 Patch. It belongs to Rocco's Set and sucessor of its Classic variant, the Classic Rocco's AUG A3.

It is currently the most powerful AUG variant (tied with its predecessor, Classic Rocco's AUG A3).


The Rocco's AUG A3 is a cosmetic re-skin of the Classic Rocco's AUG A3, It performs on par with the classic version of this gun. This gun features a green camouflage along the side of the gun, with a few red stripes, instead of the blue camouflage which was featured in the classic version. It resembles Rocco's green vest and red beret.

Comparing to the NX-Standard version of this weapon, It features more damage, more accuracy, less recoil and less weight (more Portability/Mobility). Overall this gun performs at a great efficiency as it could consistently kill in close range targets within 3-4 hits regardless of the vest. It also has minimal damage drop off for tap firing at longer ranges.

The recoil and spread are made even more controllable than the NX-Standard AUG A3, so it is advised to fire in short bursts for short/medium range to take advantage of these qualities.

Variants & Set


Rocco's Set
Assault Rifle Rocco's AUG A3
Rocco's M14 Hunter
Shotgun Rocco's Super Shorty
Character Rocco
Face Rocco's Beard


  • This weapon could be obtained from the Permanent Rocco's Set (58,500 NX), which was sold on the Cyber Monday Sale of 2014.


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