Once a lieutenant in JSF's anti-terrorist unit, he left the military after his family's mysterious deaths in a car accident. The truth of his wife's former employment in Coleman's laboratories led him to join Warcorp in the hopes of learning more.
  — The Arsenal 

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19,500 GP - 7 Days
39,500 GP - 30 Days
+10% Protection
-3% Speed
Balanced Vest armor
Gear: Uniform/Vest
Rank Restriction: Ico rank10 03Command Sergeant Major/III
Supply Cases
Released Date

Rocco is a male Mercenary who was released after the 6-15-12 Patch. His original version is Classic Rocco. He can be purchased in the Shop (with a rank restriction of Command Sergeant Major/III).


Rocco wears a Balanced Vest that provides +10% Protection, at the cost of -3% Speed. Like any other Mercenary, one cannot equip a Vest or Uniform whilst using Rocco.

Rocco has his own custom-weapon, Rocco's AUG A3.

Variants & Set


  • Rocco was available for permanent duration during Black Friday (2012), at a price of 100,000 GP.


  • Although he wears a maroon-colored beret by default, any worn head item will immediately replace it.


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