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Reverse HP Lock or 0 HP Godmode

0 HP Godmode, 0 HP Enemies


Player (Hack Category)


Menu Toggle (On/Off) or (User/Others)


User/Other players have 0 HP and cannot die

Reverse HP Lockis a unique type of hack. It is a spin-off of the original HP Lock, and it works parallel to its predecessor.


Instead of locking the user's HP into place, the Reverse HP Lock will lock every other player's HP into place. The Reverse HP Lock prevents afflicted users from dying, while at the same time it allows the hacker to gain an unlimited amount of kills (normally with OPK or Lifestealer).

Affected players will be kept at the brink of death, usually at 1 or 0 HP. This gives the hacker a general advantage, since they do not have to wait for players to respawn before killing them.

On the other hand, players will still be able to move around and shoot as they please, so you should use every opportunity to kill the hacker before he/she can continue.

The Reverse HP Lock is often used in conjunction with Flying, which eliminates its flaw of leaving the user exposed and vulnerable, especially on the ground.

It is most commonly used in Spy Hunt.

Reporting Hackers

Every hacker should be reported, however make sure you are 100% sure that he/she is hacking before reporting. Helping a hacker or benefiting from a hacker is against Nexon's Terms of Service and is one way to get suspended and possibly banned from the game.

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