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The Reinforced Force Recon Helmet is an NX Rare Head Gear that was added in the 8-20-14 Patch. This is the only head equipment obtained from the Supply Crate MYST-Gear that can be used with a face gear.



GP Standard
Combat Helmet
Tactical Helmet
Bonehead Helmet
Force Recon Helmet
Clan Helmet
Pilot Helmet
Skull Helmet
VBSS Helmet
Force Warrior Helmet
NX Standard
VBSS Helmet
Force Warrior Helmet
Ballistic Helmet
Elite 2nd Anniversary Helmet (Brazil)
NX Rare
Reinforced Force Recon Helmet
Reinforced Force Warrior Helmet
2nd Anniversary Helmet
2nd Anniversary Helmet (Brazil)

Reinforced Force Recon Helmet 2

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