Reflex Sights (known more commonly as Red Dot Sights) are optical attachments which feature only a red dot for a CQB advantage. Though several types of Reflex Sights exist in the game, only two are available for player-use; the HDS-4 (available in the Black Market for 4,900 NX for 90 days) and the iTech (available in the Shop for 150 GP per day). They provide little to no magnification, unlike scopes, but their best attributes is their aiming boost, which slightly lowers the spread of bullets and a very small fraction of the weapon's recoil. With accurate auto weapons, like a FAMAS, and the scope attached, bullet spread is very low, making low spread and high accuracy weapons deadlier than before. They are also used to improve high spread weapons, like the AK-47.


  • Many guns have reflex sights already equipped and can't be taken off. (Eg. M416 CQB and P90)

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