Lightweight, bullet resistant and compact in design, the Recon Vest offers soldiers superior speed, while maintaining protection on par with the Light Vest.
  — Item Description 

The Recon Vest is a Rare Vest added in the 12-23-09 Patch.


The Recon Vest is an improved version of the Light Vest which offers a +5% protection and +10% speed increase.


Events & Trivia

  • It is currently the single fastest equippable item in the game.
  • The Recon Vest is a Light Vest with a jacket over it, just as the Tanker Vest is a Heavy Vest with a jacket over it, and the Combat Vest is the default vest with a jacket over it.
  • The Recon Vest has the same armor penalty as Wraith, Raven, and the Light Vest, but has a speed increase greater than all of them.
  • The Recon Vest was one of the few items removed from direct purchase after the Combat Arms Reboot update.[1]
  • Since the release of Combat Arms: Reloaded, the Recon Vest is now obtainable in the shop for GP and NX.
    • Previously during the Combat Arms Reboot era, it was only obtainable through a Ghost Hi-Sec Case.
  • Before the Reboot, all Recon vests were known as NX Rare items.
    • After the Reboot, all Recon vests were 1-Star Gold Grade items.
    • Since Reloaded, all Recon vests are simply 'Rare' items.



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